Winter Blue

06 Jan


A bluejay perched in a tree caught my attention as I was out basking in the warm and sunny January afternoon.  I was down by the SEMO River Campus, and without the leaves on the winter trees, enjoying the less obstructive views of the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge and the Mississippi River.  Blooming spring and colorful autumn trees get all the notice, but there is something to be said about bare branches in the winter.  There is a simple beauty in their nakedness.  Of course, a photo shoot of winter trees in downtown Cape was happening.  I initially was going to capture the trees in black and white, but decided to try the selective color* option on my camera.  Since I had spotted a bluejay, which is a sign of spiritual clarity and I was feeling close to God through nature, I chose blue to be my selective color.  

Blue is the color of the planet from the view above.  
Lana Del Rey

*Selective color is a setting on a camera that captures a picture in black and white with the exception of a specific color selected by the photographer.  I'm happy I chose blue.


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