The House of the Rising Sunflower

25 Jun

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The river neighborhoods in downtown Cape have so many beautiful and unique homes. And just when I think I've seen them all, I come across another interesting abode.  This time it was near the SEMO river campus - what I like to call the "Sunflower House."

As I took a few pictures, I couldn't help but wonder who calls this place home.  Were they kindred spirits?  Folks whose favorite album is the soundtrack to "Hair".  Or maybe someone that I really wouldn't expect - don't judge the book by its cover.

Do they get up in the morning  to watch the sunrise with their coffee or coca-cola (maybe they like their caffeine cold)?  Do they bask in the rays shining through the crystals hanging on the porch?  Crystals are known for having a calming effect that emits good vibrations of harmony and peace.  Now that would be a perfect way to start the day - coffee and crystals.  Whoever lives here, I really like their colorful, free-spirited and serene "Sunflower House."  

"Look over yonder, what do you see?
The sun is a'rising, most definitely.
A new day is coming,  people are changing.
Ain't it beautiful, crystal blue persuasion.

Tommy James and the Shondells

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