Capturing the CAPE #Seasons

I moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in April 2018, after living in Washington, D.C. for many years. This is my online journal capturing photographs and life in this beautiful river city. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

They say April showers bring.. well you know the rest. And the rains...

They say color makes people feel a certain way which is probably why green is my favorite - it echoes warmth and calmness.

There's like three weeks when spring leisurely unfolds with flowers and trees blooming at different times, slowly brightening up the outside with shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, red and..

It was the last day of March and the weather was breezy, a tad chilly, but sunny - an almost perfect day for photography and some local nature.

A bluejay perched in a tree caught my attention as I was out basking in the warm and sunny January afternoon. I was down by the SEMO River Campus, and without the leaves on the winter trees,