May Greene Garden: Save Me a Place

10 May

Did you know that in downtown Cape there sits a small, tranquil garden named after May Greene who was a Cape public school teacher for 53 years? The garden is located at the corner of Themis and N. Fountain Streets, just off Broadway and the beaten path.  It's a beautiful space with red brick sidewalks, wooden benches to sit and relax on, and numerous trees, flowers and plants.

The Garden was almost destroyed in 1978 to put up a parking lot (humming a certain Joni Mitchell song).  A big thanks to the community that rallied to preserve the garden and allow folks to enjoy this wonderful space dedicated to a  teacher - one of the most important professions!

A beautiful, little piece of downtown Cape.

Enjoy the variety of trees, flowers and plants in the garden that sits near the Common Pleas courthouse.

A place to sit and relax, chat with an old or new friend, or just chill for a bit.

A balmy afternoon, a free-spirited starling, and a bird bath oasis.

Sunset in the garden - a gentle way to end the day.

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