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18 Sep

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As I headed down to the Cape Riverfront Park on Sunday morning, I came upon the annual River Tales Classic Car show being held downtown.  I immediately took a right turn onto Main Street to check out the event hosted by the River City Rodders, a group of local hot rod enthusiasts.  There were over 50 beautiful classic cars and trucks all along Main Street and at the downtown pavilion on Independence Street to appreciate.

And appreciate I did.  You could sense that each vehicle had a unique history and it was a treat to listen to some of the owners tell their stories about their cars and trucks.  You could feel the love.

I took quite a few photographs and wanted to share my favorites.  It was hard to narrow down, but here is my top ten.

#10:  I love the cobalt blue color of this classic 1950's Chevy truck - and those side mirrors and Elvis hanging on the rearview mirror.

#9:  I used to have an old yellow VW bug and it was the most reliable and fun car.  The green blue color caught my eye and who doesn't love seeing one of these on the street.  Slug Bug!

#8: I want to hop in the back seat of this Impala Blue with a chauffeur driving me down a country road while I enjoy the warm, summer breeze and AM / FM radio.

#7:  Black, simple, and classic.

#6:  At first glance, I thought this car was cool but nothing special.  Then as I continued to look over it, I fell in love with the red stripe down the side and the fire engine red interior.  I didn't get the make or year but when you look this good does it really matter?  

#5: This 1951 Chevy Suburban had me at green - and the gas cap!  Fill it up with family and friends and go Road Trip!

#4: What is it about red interior that draws me in?  And juxapositioned against a baby blue exterior.  A hot rod for two - perfect for lovers and best friends!

#3 - The Chevrolet El Camino - known as the pickup muscle car.  I love the bold fire engine red color and style, but if it was yellow like in the Lucinda Williams song it might have been higher on my list.  

"We used to drive through Lafayette and Baton Rouge, in a yellow El Camino istening to Howling Wolf..."

#2:  An Edsel Pacer.  The Edsel was supposed to be the next big automobile in the late 1950's, but it flopped big time costing the manufacturer a lot of dough. The car supposedly had a slew of issues and the public just didn't buy in to the Edsel.  It may have failed, but it failed with style - I love how it looks!

#1:  If I was told that I could have any of the vehicles at the car show, this green LS3 Chevrolet truck would win hands down!  That's why it's my number one. 

We take all the action we can meet,
And we cover all the northeast state.
When the strip shuts down we run 'em in the street
From the fire roads to the interstate.
Some guys they just give up living
And start dying little by little, piece by piece,
Some guys come home from work and wash up,
And go racin' in the street.." - Bruce Springsteen

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