Clang Clang Didn't the Trolley!

17 Jun

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The heat hit me like a cement wall when I walked out of my apartment building on Saturday afternoon.  I thought maybe I should heed the advisory and just stay home in my air conditioning.  I was headed to a downtown sports bar to catch a World Cup match since I don't have a television... then I saw it!

The Downtown Trolley sign was up - I had read about the free trolley that runs on Broadway Street to the downtown area on Friday evenings and Saturdays.  And, there was shade near the sign so I decided it was time to experience it! 

I waited just a few minutes and here it came, non-clanging.  I got on at stop #2 (Broadway and Fountain Streets) and was greeted with a welcome and a smile by the driver.  A boy noticed my camera and asked me to take his picture which I did with a nod from his dad.  The trolley made its way downtown and dropped me off at stop #6 located at Main Street and Independence.  It was a short and 'air conditioner cool' ride.  As I exited, the driver thanked me for riding.  She had such a sunny disposition and seemed to enjoy driving the trolley which added to the experience.

What a nice, cool and free ride on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon.  Thanks Cape and CTA!

It may not clang, but the Downtown Trolley definitely zings!

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