Children + Art = Wonderful

24 Feb


It's important to support young artists - I think creating art is a wonderful way for children to express themselves and build their self-confidence.  So when I heard that a Children's Arts Festival was being hosted by the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, I made my way downtown to see what these young artists had created.   It was a colorful exhibit with over 100 pieces of artwork on display and I so enjoyed looking and admiring each and every one.  

 All the work displayed at the art festival was beautifully created, but I thought a few were exceptional and wanted to highlight them in my blog (pictured below).

Artist:  6th grader, Woodland R-IV School District (Bollinger County)

Cityscape Faces
Artist:  3rd grader, Jefferson Elementary (St. Francois County)

3 A.M. Snack
Artist: 3rd grader, Alma Schrader Elementary (Cape Girardeau County)

Birthday Surprise
Artist:  3rd grader, Kelly Elementary (Scott County)


Artist:  3rd grader, Scott County Central

People Tessellation
Artist: 8th grader, Perry County Middle School

Orange Sunset
Artist: 4th grader - Kelly Elementary (Scott County)

Artist:  8th grader, Charleston Middle (Mississippi County)

Paintbrush Still Life
Artist: 4th grader, Roosevelt Elementary (St. Francois County)

Dancing in the Shadows
Artist:  8th grader, Richland 1 (Stoddard County)

Abstract Selfie
Artist: 5th grader, Perry County Middle School

Gone for a Swim
Artist:  3rd grader, Woodland RV-IV School District

The Boy Who Loved to Walk
Artist:  7th grader, Ripley County R-3 School

Bug Drive
Artist: 8th grader, Eagle Ridge Christian School (Cape Girardeau County)

Artist:  6th grader, Kelly Middle School (Scott County)


A huge thanks to the Arts Council for their support of local student art and hosting this 'wonderful' festival.  

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