Cherry Blossom's Peak Chill

01 Apr


It was the last day of March and the weather was breezy, a tad chilly, but sunny - an almost perfect day for photography and some local nature.  I had heard there were cherry blossoms on the SEMO University campus near Dempster Hall.  So with camera in tow, I headed to the university grounds to check out the blossoms.  When I finally found Dempster Hall, I was pleasantly surprised.  Delicate pink and white cherry trees lined the sidewalk towards the entrance of the building - it was so nice to walk under the "peak" blossoms and enjoy their beauty.  I heard the trees were a gift from Japan to SEMO students - what an exquisite gift.  Not quite the Tidal Basin in DC, but at least I got to enjoy the delicate, soft floral of cherry blossoms this spring.  Take a ‘'peak’ with me...

In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms represent how fragile, but beautiful life is. The white and pink blooms last only about one week before the delicate white and pink petals start to fall.


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