Chalk Talk

08 Jun

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Sometimes poetic, always creative and never boring - chalkboard signs say it best!

 The chalkboards below were seen hanging outside these downtown Cape businesses:  
Hempies, The Indie House, Hot Shots Sports Bar & Grill, Just Kidding Consignment, Bloom Studio & Gifts, Mississippi Mutts, and Minglewood Brewery.

Can you pair the business with its chalk talk?  
Just take a stroll down the streets of downtown Cape to find the answers.  Hint: Main Street and Broadway!  

"..and we all sang the songs of peace..."

We're all mutts!

Almost a John Denver song!

Please don't take my sunshine away!

Stop!  In the Name of Love (and pizza & beer)

Hit me with  your best shot!

Shoes and the City!

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