'Celebrating' Cape Cuisine

31 Oct

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I was sharing with someone my enjoyable eating experience at 36 Restaurant & Bar and they told me that I should check out Celebrations as it was comparable in the Cape fine dining world.  This person was absolutely right.  I had a most delicious meal in a beautiful, bright space located just off the beaten trail on Bellevue Street - Celebrations, a hidden gem.

I love scallops and usually order them if they are on the menu, especially when pan seared.  A seasonal pumpkin puree, fresh arugula and pear complimented the perfectly seared scallops that simply melted in my mouth as I savored each delicate bite.  

The first time I had halibut was when I visited Alaska and it was the best fish I have ever tasted.   So when I saw halibut on the menu I decided to order it with the expectation that it would be savory, but not Alaska caliber delicious.  The halibut was pan-fried, moist and flaky with a scrumptious crispy crust - best halibut I've tasted since my visit to Alaska.  


I love carrot cake but I've only had it with the classic cream cheese frosting.  So when I saw a Sticky Toffee Carrot Cake on the menu, I knew I had to order it.  Served with a dollop of freshly whipped cream, the moist cake was drowning in a sweet toffee sauce with the right amount of richness that gave my delicious meal, like a nice glass of Cabernet, a pleasant, lasting finish.  

"Celebrating fine meals, come on."

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