Cape Couture: Boots and Heels

22 Sep

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Hello Autumn Equinox.  12 hours of daylight - 12 hours of night.

Besides cooler weather, one thing about autumn that I'm looking forward to is putting my birkies in storage and getting my boots back on my feet.  But for some, boots didn't take a break during the summer heat.   Some folks wear their boots all summer long and they wear them with bootheel style. 

So in recognition of living in the "bootheel" area, here is my photo collection of folks wearing "boots" during summer around the Cape.
And for the "heels" part - well, the best heels in Cape can be found on the lady who sits on that famous bench on Broadway Street. 


Hi-ho Silver!

Saddle Boots

Red, white and boots.

Private Benjamin

Bohemian Cowgirl

Blue Suede Boots

Pretty in Pink


Walking in Rhythm

Cowgirl Attitude

Giddy Up Giddy Up

Cuffs and Fringe

Rhinestone Cowgirl

Kinky Boots

Star Shine!

Biggest Boot on Broadway


Manolo Blonde-nik

Pump Up the Jam

Ginger Snap! Snap!

Heel Yes!

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Summer and Birkies are gone.  Autumn and Boots are back!

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