A ‘Four Tuxedo' Burrito

27 Apr

It finally happened - I got "hangry" for a Chipotle black bean with brown rice burrito but the nearest "Chip" was over a 100 miles away.   However, I didn't fret yet because there is a Burrito-Ville about five blocks up on Broadway and my cousin highly recommended the food.  So, I started my trek in search of that burrito to help ease my "hangry" pains.

I arrived at Burrito-Ville and was greeted by a nice young lady who was ready to place my order with a smile  - good customer service (check).  I told her it was my first time here and I needed a bit to look over the menu.  She mentioned that the ‘Dirty Fries’ were delicious and the most popular item (hmm.. fries top at a burrito joint? Ok, Cape - just kidding.  My stomach could only think "burrito").  I will have to try the dirty fries at a later date.  I ended up ordering the black bean and rice burrito (no brown rice, but Spanish rice is cool) and I added a whole avocado (which I actually prefer over guac - which I also love).  I was served within minutes (check).  Since it was a nice, sunny spring day, I decided to enjoy my lunch at one of the tables outside.  I unwrapped the burrito and it looked like Chipotle, but the real test came with the next step - the first bite.  So I sank my teeth into that combination of fresh tortilla, beans, rice, sour cream, cheese, tomato, avocado, and iceberg lettuce and my taste bud endorphins erupted. What an explosion of all these delicious flavors in my mouth!   


My cousin's recommendation was spot on and I'm glad Burrito-Ville is right up the street to satisfy my weekly burrito craving (double check).  I was "hangry" no more - ahhh. 

Four Tuxedos (out of four) for this delicious burrito.  Chipotle who?

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