Living down by the Mississippi River

Capturing the CAPE

I moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in April 2018, after living in Washington, D.C. for many years. This is my online journal capturing photographs and life in this beautiful river city. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I love watching birds fly over the Mississippi River.

I love this car! Every time I would see it around downtown, I never had my camera ready or with me.

Although we have one day a year to honor veterans, everyday we should be thankful for..

A perfect autumn afternoon bike ride through the Cape Woods..

When the sun wakes up late and is early to bed. When leaves change from green to shades of yellow and red.

I love walking around downtown and seeing Halloween. Snoopy and the pumpkin drums are my favorites.

October and the river is high again. The Themis Street floodgate is closed with the river flooding the south...


Downtown.  River.  Capture.  Blog.

- Keith

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